Complete Buoy Systems

BuoyTec supplies many type of special purpose steel buoys. Many of these are dish-shaped surface buoys designed specifically to take advantage of BuoyTec's Elastic Mooring Technology. These buoys are ideal for data collection and/or data telemetry programs that require large buoy payloads of sensors, power sources and data transmission gear.


The welded steel buoys are constructed with sealed buoyancy compartments to survive collisions and temporary submersion better than buoys constructed of lighter materials. Corrosion preventative measures include coating all surfaces with marine grade epoxy and placing sacrificial anodes on the underside of buoys.



Connected to BuoyTec's Elastic Moorings, these buoys exhibit remarkable survivability small watch circles and high stability, resulting in more reliable telemetry collection/telemetry and less data aliasing compared to conventionally-moored plaforms.

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Please use the following links to access the specifications of these steel buoys.

Offshore buoy with a 1.9 cubic meter water-tight instrument compartment
Coastal buoy with a 46 cm (dia) by 60 cm (ht) instrument compartment
Offshore buoy with a 60 cm (dia) by 60 cm (ht) instrument compartment


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