Model NB-84 Buoy System

Large Platform for Meteorological and Oceanographic Data Collection/Telemetry

Low Roll For Accurate Environmental Measurements. Minimum Mooring Tilt.

Stable Platform for At-Sea Boarding

and Efficient Telemetry Performance

Wide Variety of Sensor, Power and Transmission Options
NB-84 Buoy in Canadian N. Atlantic


The larger size of the NB-84 provides for larger sensor arrays, power sources and telemetry gear. The NB-84 can be equipped with an air-cooled diesel generator for long term deployments. Large compartments protect onboard power and electronics packages from the elements while easy access is provided through a watertight hatch. Various VHF, UHF, satellite, and cellular transceivers can be mounted on the buoy for telemetry purposes.

Moored with BuoyTec's Elastic Mooring Array, the NB-84 has a small watch circle and minimal roll, which minimizes interference with on-board data collection such as anemometer readings, ADCP profiling and data telemetry transmissions.



NB-84 Buoy Specifications
Hull Diameter
84 in (2.1 m)
Length Over All
148 in (3.6 m)
Mast Height
up to 36 ft (11 m)
Weight in Air
4554 lb (2070 Kg)
205 lb/in (37 Kg/cm)
Nominal Draft
62 in (157 cm)
Instrument Well
63 cu ft (1.9 cu mtr)
Hatch Diameter
30 in (76 cm)
Anchor Wt (wet)
4000 lb (1818Kg)
Offshre buoy with a 1.9 cubic meter water-tight instrument compartment
Offshore buoy with a 46 cm (dia) by 60 cm (ht) instrument compartment


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