Model MB-72 Buoy System


  • Data Collection and Telemetry

  • Guard Buoys for Subsurface Instrument

  • Pipeline and Underwater Hazard Marking

  • Marine Salvage and Construction

  • Dredge Operations / Site Marking


MB-72 Buoy Specifications
Hull Diameter
72 in (183 cm)
Length Over All
9.6 ft (2.9 m)
Weight in Air
1200 lb (545 Kg)
150 lb/in (27Kg/cm)
Nominal Draft
1.5 ft (46 cm)

Instrument Well

18 in (46 cm) dia
30 in (76 cm) ht
Rec. Anchor Wt (wet)
2000 lb (909 Kg)



MB-72 off the Coast of
New Hampshire, USA

(Correct Photo?)


The MB-72 Buoy, when moored with BuoyTec's Elastic Mooring Array, provides the industry with pin-point accuracy for such critical tasks as pipeline and underwater hazard marking, dredged material management, and as guard buoys for underwater instrument arrays. The lateral movement of MB-72 buoys is limited to a radius of 5 meters, or less, in most coastal applications, which is an order of magnitude better than slack-moored systems.

Limited buoy roll and mooring "tilt" (usually less than 10 degrees for each) make the MB-72 System the ideal choice for surface mounted ADCP's and other environmental sensors. By maximizing Survivability and Accuracy, the MB-72 Buoy System provides marine invesigators with the Reliability necessary for Successful, Cost Effective programs, world-wide.

NB-84 Offshore buoy with a 1.9 cubic meter (dia) water-tight instrument compartment
NB-72 Offshore buoy with a 60 cm (dia) by 60 cm (ht) instrument compartment


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