For nearly 25 years BuoyTec has been designing and manufacturing compliant, Elastic Mooring Arrays for customers, worldwide. BuoyTec's Elastic Mooring Arrays contribute dramatically in three specific ways to buoy system performance: SURVIVABILITY, STABILITY and STATION KEEPING.

The substantial compliance provided by the elastic components greatly reduces the fatigue loading and mechanical shock to buoys and mooring components, which are frequent causes of failure in conventional moorings.


The Elastic Mooring Array has sufficient elastic capacity (250% Elongation) to accommodate large water level changes, permitting the buoy to ride smoothly over a constantly changing sea surface. BuoyTec systems have withstood full-force ocean storms and routinely survive 15-25 meter wave environments.


In addition to elastic capacity, these arrays supply considerable tension to the buoy/mooring system at all times. The result is a large downward force (righting moment) that greatly improves buoy stability. This righting moment permits large payloads on relatively small platforms, and these platforms may be safely boarded at sea for routine maintenance and/or data retrieval.

The large righting moment has a dramatic effect on buoy roll. In most cases, the Elastic Mooring Array limits average buoy roll to less than 10 degrees, in a fully developed sea, enhancing data quality and telemetry.

The continuous mooring tension greatly limits the horizontal excursion of the buoy/mooring system in the presence of current and or wind. BuoyTec systems have very small "watch-circles" (10 percent, or less, of depth) and minimum mooring tilt making them ideal for accurate marking and precise underwater positioning of hydrophones, ADCP's, etc.

With its in-house numerical model, STATMOOR, BuoyTec designs each Elastic Mooring Array for the specific conditions of deployment site. By taking into account expected wave height, tidal range, water current speed and depth, each mooring is optimized for the particular task at hand. Recent interest in world wide shallow water CO2 monitoring applications utilize the in-house numerical model, BI-MOOR2 for designing extremely shallow two point mooring arrays.

Generally, the Elastic Mooring Array consists of a bundle of parallel elastic elements in a single-point mooring configuration, although in some circumstances, multiple leg mooring arrays are required.

BuoyTec Elastic Mooring Arrays generally have an in-water life of at least two years, after which the mooring should be recovered and components inspected and replaced as necessary. In regions where bio-fouling is severe, yearly inspection is recommended.


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