Buoy Technology, LLC. (BuoyTec)

has been providing Elastic Moorings and Complete Buoy Systems for demanding marine and freshwater environments since 1981. In locations where conventional moorings are often damaged or lost, BuoyTec's compliant systems have time and time again demonstrated their resilience.


Advantages of BuoyTec Elastic Moorings:

  1) Survivability

BuoyTec Elastic Moorings eliminate snap loadings and severe mechanical shock, the most common causes of at-sea failure of moorings, buoys and delicate instrumentation.


Allows for lighter mooring gear, including anchors

Buoys, moorings and delicate instruments "ride out" rough seas.
BuoyTec Elastic Moorings have over 250 percent elongation capacity to withstand very large tides and ocean storm waves.


2) Stability

BuoyTec Elastic Moorings maintain substantial mooring tension throughout the range of tide and waves.


3) Station Keeping

BuoyTec Elastic Moorings limit lateral movement to 10 percent of depth, or less, even in the presence of moderate currents.

  • Ideal for "guard" buoy and hazard marking applications.
  • Minimum Mooring Tilt for ADCP and other acoustic applications.
  • Accurate temporary markers.
  • Buoys can be placed very near other underwater structures without running risk of entanglement.
Eight element, single-point, BuoyTec Elastic Mooring used to moor large telemetry buoy in the Gulf of Mexico

Please click here to learn more about BuoyTec's Elastic Mooring technology and product offerings.

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