2.1 Meter Data Telemetry Buoy



Dockside mobilization of large data telemetry buoy in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

One of several 2.1 meter data telemetry buoys designed and manufactured by BuoyTec for the offshore oil industry. These large buoys were equipped solid-state generators adapted by BuoyTec engineers to provide up to 90 days of round-the-clock power to HF and VHF radio transmitters on 135 gallons of LPG fuel. Provision for at-sea refueling was provided with an attached, floating hose assembly (visible on ice to the left of the buoy in the photo above).

These buoys were anchored by means of a single-point BuoyTec Elastic Mooring consisting of 10 elastic links in parallel which were attached between the buoy and the 4000 lb sinker. The considerable tension generated by the large elastic array limited the lateral movement of the buoy to less than +/- 7meters in water depths ranging from 65 to 110 meters.






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